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Rocket vinyasa yoga, lovingly refered as “The Rocket” is a sequence developed by Larry Schultz in San Francisco in the 1980s and into the present is a major worldwide method.  Rocket Yoga is rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and it’s combined from the Primary and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as well as key postures from the 3rd and 4th advanced series. Schultz developed the Rocket Vinyasa series after years of study under Pattabhi Jois in the more ridgid form of Ashtanga Yoga Primary and Second Series asana. Due to Larry’s personal practice and the changing bodies of his western students, he began to modify the traditional postures and asana to make the practice more accesible to the western body. Schultz’s yoga was first called “Rocket Yoga” by Bob Weir of The Greatful Dead, because Weir said, “It gets you there faster”.

Rocket is based on Krishnamacharya’s sequencing, but altered to build more heat for the colder western climates and western bodies, it allows modifications so the beginner and advanced can fly.

There are many rocket sequences which focus on different tempos and areas of the body.  Rocket 1 is similar to the seated portion of the Astanga primary series, but includes many arm balance and navasana to handstand transitions, some 2nd and 3rd series asana for those interested.
It is a fun, feel good, open minded and dedicated system of Tristana which allows freedom and creativity externally and balancing the focus and disciplne internally.  These sequences will be 75min-90min.

This is a 50hr training designed as continuing education for those who have already completed a 200hr teacher training.  We will focus on practical application of training personal practice, practice teaching and hands on adjusting.
Our Handstand training is how we train integrity, directly from the legendary Gymnastic Bodies method.  This takes the athlete from wrist and shoulder preparation to core strengthening, handstand, middle splits, press handstand, backbending and one handed handstand using tested method of progressions for all levels.

This is a 6 day a week practice, thus a six day a week training, with wednesdays off.
During the week :
Monday-Friday 6:15 morning practice, wednesdays are rest days
Saturday-Sunday 9:00 – 16:00 (with a lunch break)This event will be co hosted by Velvet Pepper Studio 💗 and will be the location of the 1st & 3rd weekends of training. (10.-11.02. and 24.-25.02.) The daily morning practice & 2nd weekend (17.-18.02.) will be located at BodyMove Zagreb
This Teacher training will be taught by Donovan and Ana Hicks.
Price: 4100kn
Early Bird special (do 10.01.): 3000kn


Since he began training in the movement & healing arts in 2003, Donovan has been fascinated by the art and science of energetic poetry. His playful and reverent spirit shines in the forms of Astanga & Rocket vinyasa yoga, martial arts, gymnastic fitness and handstand training, crossfit training, pilates, kung fu for health, dance, acro yoga, massage, pranayama, & meditation.

Since 2003 to the present moment he has been teaching meditation and massage therapy for  more than 12 years privately in his studios abroad, and whenever when he is not travelling in San Francisco to work with the incomparable Dr. Andy Lesko in his clinic.

Donovan trained with Larry since 2007, assisted Larry with dozens of teacher trainings and led dozens of teacher trainings in San Francisco, Thailand, Bali and Europe.


Ana, a ballerina first, has trained in this method since 2012 and has assisted and led multiple teacher trainings in the Rocket, as well as Aerial yoga and Pilates.

Today they live and teach in Croatia, Dubrovnik and Zagreb, where they have their studios.

ROCKET Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training